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BBC World News highlights AE

The BBC World News team reviews the latest gadgets and major technology news. This week they reported on the history and future of the microchip, where reducing power consumption while increasing performance is driving the industry. This video shows how Texas Instruments’ MSP430 ultra-low power microcontroller is powered solely by AdaptivEnergy’s Joule-Thief™ Module for a […]

Harvested Energy Unleashed

For many, the concept of energy harvesting is tightly associated with the ‘green’ movement. While that’s certainly one aspect, it overlooks a whole range of applications that have less to do with solving the world’s so-called energy crisis and more to do with solving the problem of powering remote or embedded devices — indefinitely. That […]

Joule-Thief Technology

In August 2008 AdaptivEnergy revealed a demonstration kit using so-called Joule-thief technology to harvest energy and power Texas Instruments’ ultra-low power MSP430 microcontroller and RF technology to collect data, control the operation of a system or send sensed data to central collection sites. The Joule-thief energy harvesting device is based on AdaptivEnergy’s ruggedized laminated piezo […]